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Champs has helped me to speak out more and be more open to people with out feeling scared to talk it has helped me improve some of my social skills in life

-Jarnail V.

Champs really doesn’t have to do anything for me they have done a lot of things thank you brother Danny - How I want champs to help is to be more successful and create opportunities in the future to support my family.

-Josiah W.

 What is champs to me? It is opportunities and chances to improve my skills, an environment of security and hope, champs is giving back not only to the youth but the community.

-Ahmir M.

Champs has helped me in more ways than one. In this program I have learned how to increase my skill set in the work I do in working with students and those older than me. I have learned more as of how to step up of a more leadership role and in that learning how to step back and let my team help me as well. Champs is definitely one of my favorite jobs I ever had. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

-Nayana W.

I want champs to help me by pushing me to improve on the things I need to Improve on and js pushing me to be great person.

-Dejah B.

I feel like champs 4 life has molded me into a better person and mentor.
-Askari F.

Champs4for life help me build relationships and grow as an individual in my profession career.

-Mario V.


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